John Creaseybiographybibliography
John Creaseybiographybibliography

John Creasey was born in 1908 in Surrey, England, into a family of nine children. Before his death in 1973, Creasey wrote over 600 books under more than 10 different pseudonyms, each strikingly different from the next. These books included such series as Gideon of Scotland Yard, The Toff, and The Baron. By 1935, Creasey’s writing became his main focus and in 1962 the Mystery Writers of America bestowed upon him the Edgar Award for best novel and then the Grand Master Award in 1969. His writings have sold over 80 million copies in more than 100 countries as well as across 29 languages. In addition to written work, Creasey’s stories have become television shows (The Baron and Gideon’s Way), radio series and feature films (Salute the Toff 1952, Hammer the Toff 1952, Cat and Mouse 1958 and Gideon’s Day 1958), which have also sold worldwide. John Creasey’s personal life was as personally diverse as his professional life. He was married four times and stood for parliament five times, and yet while at his high point he still managed to sell in excess of 1 million books per year. At times he was writing 30-40 books each year.

John Creasey was an prolific writer with over 600 books to his name, or various psuedonyms. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of his most popular series.

Seven Times Seven

Gideon [28 books]
Key books: Gideon's Day, Gideon's Week, Gideon's Fire

Toff [68 books]
Key books: The Toff and the Ted, The Toff and the Curate, The Toff in New York

Baron [62 books]
Key books: Meet the Baron, Sport for the Baron, Help from the Baron, Shadow the Baron

West [67 books]
Key books: Look Three Ways at Murder, Inspector West Alone

Palfrey [35 books]
Key books: The House of The Bears, Plague of Silence, The Flood), The Famine

Department Z [29 books]
Key books: Carriers of Death, The Famine

Three For Adventure

Cellini [11books]
Key books: Cunning as a Fox

Dawlish [55 books]
Key books: Two Crime Haters

Run Away to Murder

Adrian and Jonathan

Two Gun Texan

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Owatonna Media owns copyrights and related legal rights in all the 600+ works by John Creasey including his many pseudonyms. Owatonna Media is reinvigorating this extraordinary brand, including through the planned re-publication of selected books and series, and the development of television and or film(s) based on the series.

john creaseyMy Characters live in my mind... I can see them and hear them much more clearly than most people whom I know in life... It never occurs to me that they don't exist.

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